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If you are interested in how to buy a Winery or Vineyard, have a look at our listings page or let us know what you are looking for. We can usually find the Winery for sale that you are looking for fairly quickly.

We also have a database of willing sellers who do not want a sale to be public. Let us know what you want and we will find you something suitable.

Learning how to run a successful Wine business

When you buy a winery of vineyard, there is no real formal education on how to run a wine business. So we have put together some useful resources to guide you along the way. We offer a full coaching and consultancy service which you can use on a month by month basis at a very reasonable cost. It covers Marketing, Finance and Management plus Customer Service, Lead Generation and Profitability are happy to help you find, finance and run a Vineyard, Winery and Cellar Door. 

We can help you to find A Winemaker, Vineyard consultant and the right team for your Wine sales and marketing

Financing your Winery

Speak to people who understand the Wine Business.

Let us introduce you to some excellent Finance Brokers who will arrange a loan for you.

Or speak directly to the Bank, we also have a good relationship with a number of Banks and can introduce you to the right Lender.

You will need to prepare a business plan for the Bank if you intend financing your purchase.

We can help you with your Bank submission and also develop a comprehensive business Roadmap with you, so you have a recipe for success with your new wine business.

Winery Partners and Investors

If you are short on time, or the financial outlay is too big for you on your own, we have a database of potential partners who are looking to invest and team up with others…

Freedom and sustainability when you buy a Winery

With the ongoing threat of Covid, it might be prudent to buy a vineyard and shift the family to a more rural setting, secure more freedom on your own land. Grow grapes, fruit and vegetables, make wine, raise animals and let the kids run free.

Sustainability and the move to Organics is high on the winemakers agenda because healthy soil is essential to good wine. 

Reach out and ask for our Winery and Vineyard Buyers Guide – use this form to let us know how we can help you – Click Here

Then there is email: or phone:  +61 (0) 421 278 308

We look forward to hearing from you – lets talk about your plans and come up with a way forward. 

Winery and vineyard Buyers guide

Request the buyers guide, a short and simple guide that will help you get the Wine business you want..

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